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Kinda like a charm bracelet...but all grown up and anything but boring! Mix and match charms to suit your style. This necklace will take any stack up a notch! 


Oh...and unlike a charm bracelet, these charms aren't fixed in place so they'll move around like pendants!


Don't forget to add-on a multi-chain clasp if you plan to layer your necklaces! This is the secret to keeping them tangle-free.... 



I love NY Vintage Charm: Brass 12mm x 12mm

Love Wire Vintage Pendant: Brass 29mm x 12mm

Love Vintage Charm: Brass 15mm x 14mm

Enamel Rainbow Charm: Enamel & Plated Brass 18mm x 12mm

Red Biting Lips Enamel Charm: Plated Zinc & Enamel 16mm x 20mm

Gold Star: Stainless Steel 10mm x 8mm

Gold Lightning Bolt: Brass Micro Pave CZ 17.5mm x 2mm

Evil Eye: Brass Micro Pave CZ with Enamel Eye 11mm x 15mm

Multi-Colored Lightning Bolt: Brass Micro Pave CZ 25.5mm x 5.5mm

Gold Star Outline: Stainless Steel 15mm x 12.5mm

White Star Outline: Alloy Enamel 16mm x 14mm

Black Star Outline: Alloy Enamel 16mm x 14mm


The chain is gold plated brass & nickel-free and lead-free.


Please note: brass charms may tarnish, this is not due to low quality of product. Everything tarnishes except for gold, titanium, and stainless steel. Keeping your charms dry and away from lotions will help!


Charm Offensive Custom Necklace (Gold)