Wouldn't It Be Nice If....

I wish I could remember where I first learned this idea - maybe it was from multiple people? Either way, it’s a cool trick when you’re trying to manifest something.

For the big stuff....

Sometimes absolutely 100% believing an outcome you want to happen will is too much of a stretch. Sometimes you’ve been burnt too badly to 100% believe. Sometimes it just feels too far out of reach right now and that’s ok...

If you find yourself feeling this way, try this:

Say to yourself “wouldn’t it be nice if [insert awesome outcome here]” while imagining it happening - good feelings and all.

Doesn’t doing that just make it feel so much more attainable?! And don’t you feel so much happier, even just for those five minutes??

You can practice this on small, inconsequential things like.... “wouldn’t it be nice if the store isn’t crowded when I go”....or....”wouldn’t it be nice if the shirt I want is on sale.”

Even I am shocked at how often this works. Try it on the small stuff and when you see it start to work, you’ll feel so much more confident trying it on the big stuff.

Baby steps.