Why Meditate?

None of us are learning to meditate to become a monk, so what’s the point?

Lots of reasons....

I’m not going to list all the health benefits, just know that there are MANY. Google it and you’ll find study after study listing alllllllll of the great reasons why you should meditate.

I think a lot of us want the clarity of thinking and inspiration that comes with meditation. We want ANSWERS, right?! Those come, but you won’t have huge AH HA! moments every single day.

Do you know what the most practical thing I’ve learned from meditation is? It is the ability to take a breath before sending that text....or before responding to that comment. It is the ability to not let that person ruin my entire day.

I like simple and practical. Don’t get me wrong those huge moments of clarity are really cool, but I want something I can use every day.

Meditation is it.



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