Why Gemstone Mala (Meditation) Bead Sets are so Effective

I don't believe in crystals....well not in the way many people believe. I don’t think they magically cure things & I don’t believe they make situations happen (or not happen as the case may be.)

Here’s what I DO believe about them:

(1) I believe they are beautiful. I love looking at them in all shapes and sizes, just as I would a beautiful piece of art.

(2) I believe they are an excellent reminder of the qualities, situations, etc we want more of in our lives.

(3) I believe they are perfect for meditation bead sets for both of the reasons above.

Take this amethyst set for example: I could stare at these deep purple beads for hours - I think they are just gorgeous! I also know that amethyst represents many qualities including tapping into your intuition.

So say developing my intuition is a goal of mine. I pick out these beads knowing they represent intuition. I keep them on my desk because I think they’re beautiful & seeing them all the time reminds me to meditate more often AND since they are also a symbol of intuition they also keep that goal at the forefront of my mind, making it more likely that I’ll tap into it.

See why they’re so powerful? They’re a triple threat! ✨⚡️✨

So which crystal bead sets do I keep in the shop? Ones for love, healing, intuition, communication, bliss and more...