Visualize It: Step II to Start Successfully Manifesting

Did you write your goal(s) down this weekend??

Now it’s time to start visualizing them happening. Make your visualization as crisp and as clear as you can.

So for example if your goal was to have a beach house, you’d picture the house you want but you wouldn’t stop there. You’d smell the salty air and hear the seagulls. You’d feel the cool breeze on your skin. You’d taste the burgers you’re grilling for dinner. You’d feel just as excited today as you would be if you were standing in that beach house right now.

That’s the kind of visualization I’m talking about. DETAILED.

Easy, right? Here’s the tricky have to BELIEVE that you can achieve your goal. Even if just for the few minutes you are visualizing, remove all that doubt from your mind. #goodvibes only while doing this.

You have just one more step ahead of you....yup...the hard one. Tomorrow. For now, visualize.


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