Using LED Light Therapy for Pain

With one out of every three Americans suffering from chronic pain annually, finding better ways to manage it is imperative. We have been seeing incredible results using LED light therapy to treat muscle & joint pain - in fact, it is where we see the fastest results. Many (to date, all) of our clients have found relief in under two hours and this includes long-time arthritis sufferers. For this reason, plus the fact that it is non-toxic, pain-free and natural, we really like using this treatment for localized pain.

What is a session like?

First we will ask you where your pain is, we'll ask you to get comfortable and then we'll determine the best placement for the panel. For neck pain for example, we might have you lay down and we'll lay the panel on top of your neck. For ankle or knee pain, we will likely wrap the panel around your leg. One of the keys to effectiveness with this treatment it getting the panel as close to the treatment area as possible and this is where having a flexible panel comes in handy!

Once the panel is in place, all you need to do is sit back, relax and let the light work its magic! All sessions are 30 minutes long and you shouldn't feel anything other than gentle warmth emanating from the panel.

When should you schedule an appointment?

Ideally, the sooner we can treat the area the better! Since we have appointments seven days a week and we come to you, people have found it very easy to schedule appointments when they need them.

What types of injuries can LED light help?

Most injuries involving the muscle or joints should find relief using LED light therapy. For example, if you pull a muscle running we can help. If you wake up with a sore neck, we can help. If you suffer from arthritis, we can help. If you have hip, knee or back pain, we can help.

The LED light can also help heal cuts and bruises.

Finally, LED light therapy is a good resource for when your kids get hurt playing sports as it works quickly, is pain-free and non-toxic.

If you are interested in learning more about using LED to treat pain, here are a few articles that we found interesting:

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