To Shower or Not to Shower? That *is* the question after your sauna wrap

You emerge from your infrared sauna wrap feeling relaxed yet energized, dripping in sweat and feeling like a million bucks….there’s just one question though: should you shower or wait until later? Does it even matter??

Standard advice is that you should wait at least an hour after your sauna wrap to shower. Why? The short answer is that showering will cut short the after-burn. By waiting to shower your body will continue working to cool itself down, burning even more calories in the process – when you hop in the shower, it speeds up the cooling process.

OK so that’s the standard advice….but what do you guys suggest?

We are all about comfort and relaxation during all of our sessions, so our advice is to do what ever feels best to you! Your body has already been working for the last 50 minutes to cool itself down and in the process likely burned hundreds of calories. If it feels good to lounge around for a bit, sipping some water and enjoying your post-wrap glow that is 100% the way to go! If, however, hopping in the shower, rinsing off all that sweat and putting on some comfy, clean clothes sounds heavenly then that is the best choice! You really can’t go wrong – you get so many benefits from the infrared sauna wrap and the relaxation that comes with it, we never want you to stress over whether you should shower or not. Do whatever feels good to you that day.