The Last Trip

It started slowly, I know that. I think it got really bad about 4 years ago and only progressed from there. It’s true. I admit it: I am a photo hoarder. Last week I decided that I needed an intervention. Stat.

It took hours to do and involved lots of walks down memory lane but I was ruthless and deleted almost 7,000 pictures from my phone. Talk about cathartic!!

In my clean out, I found this picture. I didn’t know it then, but this is from my last big vacation in my old NYC life. Little did I know my life would begin to change forever after I left here.

I’d adopt my first dog the very next day after I got home.

Two months later I’d start looking to buy my first house. Outside the city.

One year later I’d decide I needed to leave finance and move out of the city for good.

...and that’s when the fun started. But I didn’t know any of that would happen when I took this picture. I just loved it here. (PS: this picture made the cut and even made it to the favorites)


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