Tapping into Your Intuition

Ask the most successful people about their achievements and they all say (in one form or another) “I trust my intuition/instinct/gut.”

I used to follow my intuition without really even knowing what I was doing...I’d just KNOW something was right for me. I couldn’t explain more than that.

I got a feeling I’d like a university, I enrolled sight unseen. I got a good feeling from one meeting, I took the job offer. I saw a house that felt like home, I wrapped up the sale in under an hour.

I’d do this for HUGE decisions and never question it. And guess what? Every damn one worked out PERFECTLY!

If you are not listening to your intuition...if there is so much going on in your head that you can’t even hear it.....you are missing out on your biggest asset.

Listen to it. Trust it. Act on it.


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