Selecting Your Own Mantra is Key

The first one I ever had was given to me by the woman who first taught me how to meditate. She said it was kind of an all-purpose mantra about removing obstacles and I figured she was wise about these things so I went with it.

The thing is it was in Sanskrit, I wasn’t 100% sure of the meaning, I had no clue if I was even pronouncing it correctly and, most importantly, I never felt a connection to it. Nevertheless, I used it for 10+ years.

Finally I decided it was time for a brand new one & this time I wanted something that really resonated with me.

My new one is just four words. I understand it thoroughly. It captures the EXACT feeling I want and I picked it out for myself. It has allllllllll the key ingredients for success.

Changing that mantra changed my whole perspective. I is something I say to myself 108 times a day every should.

There are a lot of claims about the magic some mantras bring. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Here’s the thing I do know: my new one isn’t on any of those lists but yet it has made all the difference for me.

#simplewellness🙏🏼 original mantra was "Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha" very loosely translated it means "salutations to the remover of obstacles." I still incorporate it into my meditations, just in a different way. .

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