Quarantine: 1 Month In

Has this last month been surreal or what?!? To be honest, I am completely content being at home but it has been a bit scary just not knowing what’s coming at us next. I’m not going to lie, there have been (more than) a few moments where I felt a fear spiral coming. This is what I’ve been doing to stay (mostly) sane:

  • EXERCISE. Every day I hike or ride or do both. Lots of days I really don’t feel like it but once it’s done I feel so much better physically, mentally & emotionally.

  • SAUNA WRAPS. This is my 50 minute complete escape. I slide in the wrap and let the heat wash over me. Even on my most stressed out days I feel calmer within minutes. Oh and have you seen saunas popping up on everyone’s immunity boosting lists??

  • BREATH WORK. I know this one can sound like total BS but I have found it works. Inhale for 5 secs. Hold for 5 secs. Exhale for 5 secs. Keep going. I do this a lot when I’m walking the dogs...there’s just something about the fresh air... so now if you see me walking and counting you know what I’m doing!

  • LED FACIALS. Hey I’m going to at least make this time productive! I lay down on the couch, throw on a podcast and let the light work it’s magic. I do at least 1, sometimes 2 a day.

  • PROJECTS. Over the last few years I have gotten very into home improvement projects - I absolutely love the feeling of accomplishment after fixing things myself. I keep a running list of things I want to get done so every few days I pick a few new things to focus on. It’s a fantastic (& productive) distraction. And PS nothing is as hard to do as it seems - I promise if I can do it, you can too!

How are you guys keeping your sanity?? Do you think we’re almost done or do we need to settle in for a while longer?

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