One of the Best Gifts I Have Ever Been Given

They were a gift from a friend. I wasn’t looking to meditate. In fact I rolled my eyes a little when I was told about the significance of the beads.

But I had an open mind....

And I was in need of a change.

I saw zero downside & all upside so I meditated.

I had no expectations. I didn’t even know what was supposed to happen. I hadn’t read books on it. I didn’t go to an ashram. I wasn’t living with monks. I didn’t spend my days chanting and starving myself.

I was living in NYC, working on Wall St., stressed more than anyone ever should be and looking for some relief.

And so I meditated.

And then I saw results.

And I kept going.

And the more I did it the more I learned I could do.

And I am pretty sure I have only scratched the surface....