My Meditation Spot

What’s the first thing you think of when you think meditation??

Is it being dressed in white robes while sitting (uncomfortably) cross legged on the floor with a straight back, eyes closed in some zen den with incense burning?

Ummm...yeah...that’s not for me. First of all, I can’t stand incense 😂 ...but really, for me meditation is about comfort and ease. None of that sounds comfortable or easy.

This is my spot. As long as it’s at least semi-nice out, this is where I do my meditations. On a nice, comfy loveseat. Sometimes I sit cross legged because I find that comfortable or sometimes I stretch my legs out on the table. Sometimes I move over to a lounge chair. A lot of the time my eyes are closed, but sometimes I keep my eyes open and just watch the water. Always my dogs are curled up next to me, ready to pounce on any squirrel that dares enter their space.

Most of the rituals around meditation are just that: rituals. They don’t necessarily help you meditate any better so if something you are “supposed” to do doesn’t feel good or help you relax, don’t do it.

Make a practice that works for YOU. It took me lots of trial and error to find my style. Now I can meditate while I run or while I hike. I can do it sitting up or laying down. It really doesn’t matter, meditation is a state of mind. The only things I need are some quiet and my beads.


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