Meditating Under the LED Light

Yes, you know you should be meditating but when would you find the time?? How about while you are getting your next LED light facial? You are already laying down. Your eyes are already closed. You are already relaxed. You are already halfway there! I find meditating during my LED light facials to be especially powerful and pleasant as there is just something about feeling the warm light on my skin that makes it feel so special! Here is exactly what I do when I am under there...

Before I get into my technique, however, I should warn you that I am incredibly anal and I like processes and procedures so if you are more a play-it-by-ear type of person feel free to adjust accordingly! I am also very goal-orientated so I use my sessions more often than not to focus on manifesting. Yes, I know it's the buzz word du jour and everyone and their mother is now "manifesting." Feel free to use any method that speaks to you - I follow the research-backed techniques of Dr. Joe Dispenza. (If you are not familiar with his work, I highly recommend starting with his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One.)

If you are familiar with his techniques, you will know that the first part of his technique is about visualizing what you want in the future and the second part is about achieving an elevated emotional state. (Obviously his process is much more involved than this, but when you boil it all down these are the two keys to success.) His meditations are often an hour or more and while I find them useful, I just don't find it practical most times so I have taken his method and modified it so I can do my own version during my thirty minute LED light facial!

I currently have three goals and so I divide my thirty minutes into three ten minute segments and each segment is then dedicated to a specific goal (told you I was anal!) Each ten minute segment starts with visualizing the specific outcome I would like and then I spend the rest of that segment getting myself into that elevated emotional state.

What exactly does “getting into an elevated emotional state” mean? For me most of the time it is about excitement. It is abut feeling the excitement of achieving that specific goal NOW rather than waiting until it comes to fruition. So for example if my first goal was a beach vacation, I would spend ten minutes getting myself as excited as I would be if I was sitting on that beach right now. It is feeling the sun on my skin and smelling the salt air right now even as I lay under the light. It is about fully immersing myself in the experience even though it hasn’t happened yet.

I repeat this experience two more times with my other two goals and voila! I finish my LED facial not only glowing from the light but also feeling accomplished and refreshed mentally and physically. Efficiency at its finest....

PS - if you want to try this at your next session, let me know I can time the segments for you and/or I have some excellent podcasts detailing the science behind his methods that you can listen to!!