Manifestation Fails: 3 Reasons Why Your Manifesting May Not Be Working

You’re doing everything you’re supposed to: you know what you want, you believe it can happen, you visualize it happening, you take steps to make it happen....and IT IS STILL NOT HAPPENING.

First, breathe. Not every single thing will happen over night.

Second, there are three things that could be working against you according to Dean Radin one of the top scientists in this area:

  1. someone could be manifesting the opposite thing - stability is the status quo and you’re kinda trying to mess that up with all of your manifesting 😂

  2. you’re not actually getting to what he calls gnosis or the meditative state

  3. consciously you want this thing but subconsciously you really don’t. WHOA.

I can’t speak to reason number one because if someone is pushing against my desires, I wouldn’t necessarily know. Reason number two is not an issue. But number three?? Three is a DOOZY!

Here’s how number three played out in my life recently:

There was an opportunity I REALLY wanted. Like so bad I could taste it. Then one day I got a call saying that I was going to get it. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. Why?? I felt like maybe I was giving up too soon on my current project....WHAT?!?! I didn’t even know I had these feelings until I got that call. I thought I wanted this new opportunity BADLY.

Guess what? The new opportunity ended up falling through. As time went by it became clear to me that it was time to move on. NOW I was ready. A month later I got the call again! This time I cried tears of joy. Literally. 😭 Zero conflict. I 100% wanted it. And I took it.

The ONLY thing that was different? My feelings toward the outcome. The second time around, I was in complete alignment.

That’s good and bad, right? You can control your emotions but first you need to really know what they are - you do this through meditation. I can show you how....


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