Make your Workouts in Humidity More Effective in 1 Easy Step

Have you noticed a change in the quality of your workouts as the heat and humidity pick up? I definitely have.

High humidity makes it harder for our bodies to cool off, making our already challenging workouts even harder.

While lots of factors go into workout quality (amount of sleep, what we eat, etc.) when you add in the heat & humidity, I find the amount of water I drink has the biggest impact.

Everyone is different, but I need a minimum of 3 liters of water a day (with at least one done before I exercise) and have a goal of 4 liters. The closer I get to 4, the better my workout performance. I feel so much stronger when I am properly hydrated.

The good news is that it’s a super easy fix! Just do yourself a favor and as we head into the dog days of summer, stay properly hydrated and try to workout early in the day when it’s cooler. Your body will thank you for it.