Letting Go

I used to get so mad at the concept of “letting go” in meditation....if I’m honest, I still do.

Haven’t we always been taught that if you forget your past you’re doomed to repeat it? So then we hold it tight and keep it fresh in our memories so that it never happens again.

When we do that it’s kinda like we’re feeling that pain over and over and over again. Then we get stuck there, right? Afraid to try again because what happened last time is still so fresh in our memories.

But what if we don’t think of “letting go” as forgetting? Then it might be just a liiiiiitle bit easier to do....

I saw this quote from @yung_pueblo the other day and thought it was the most perfect, succinct explanation I have seen yet. He said:

Letting go is not: erasing a memory or ignoring the past. Letting go is: no longer reacting to the things that make you feel tense, it is releasing the energy attached to certain thoughts.

What do you think of that? Still not easy to do, but little by little seems a little more possible to me...