Just Do It! How to Start Meditating in 3 Easy Steps

You’ve hemmed and hawed enough...it’s never going to be the “perfect” time or the “perfect” setting.

Meditating is one of those things that once you start doing you’re going to kick yourself for not doing sooner!

Here’s the plan........

Step 1: Get some beads. These help you keep track of how many times you say your mantra (you need to say it enough to get you to that meditative state.) They also give you something tangible to come back to when your mind starts wandering. (Click HERE to start shopping...)

Step 2: Pick out a mantra. Do this while your beads are on their way to you! (Click HERE for a quick post to help get you started...)

Step 3: Practice!!! Once your beads come & you have your mantra, JUST DO IT!! It’ll feel a little weird at first and you’ll definitely wonder 1000 times if you are doing it right but keep going. The bliss will come.


If you want help getting started, I offer two personalized 1-on-1 zoom calls that will give you all the tips you need and I can answer your specific questions!

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