Infrared Sauna Wraps vs. Traditional Saunas

Traditional saunas have never been my thing which was surprising to me since I LOVE the heat! I knew all of the benefits of sauna sessions and I’d crave the heat so I’d always give it ONE. MORE. TRY. …and immediately I’d regret my decision. The heat was just too much, it was too dry and I would literally count the seconds until I thought it was acceptable to run out and cool off. Needless to say, I never found it to be relaxing and I am quite positive I never stayed in long enough to actually reap any of the benefits. This cycle went on for years until I discovered infrared saunas and now there is no going back for me! Using infrared sauna wraps, not only do I actually get all the benefits of a sauna, but it is a relaxing experience that I actually look forward to!

Want to get a better understanding of the differences for yourself? Here is a quick rundown of traditional saunas versus our infrared sauna wrap experience:

Infrared saunas operate at MUCH lower temperatures.

Most traditional sauna temperatures hover around 200°F while our sauna wraps are a much more manageable 158°F.

Infrared sauna wraps warm your body, not the air.

Traditional saunas induce sweating by warming the air around you whereas infrared sauna wraps use far infrared light to gently warm the body from the inside out. (This is also why generally you won’t start sweating right away – it just feels like a warm sleeping bag.)

In a sauna wrap your head remains outside.

This means you are always breathing cool air and also that your face/head are the last to start sweating which, personally, makes the whole experience much more enjoyable for me.

Infrared sauna wraps are not an all or none experience.

For traditional saunas, you are either in it or you are not. It is an all or none experience for your body. With infrared sauna wraps, on the other hand, we can customize your experience so that if you get too hot we can take your arms, legs and/or feet out and you still get to experience the benefits of the infrared light.

Infrared sauna wraps are customizable.

Traditional saunas are a one-size-fits-all model – the only option you really have is how long you decide to spend in there. Customization and relaxation were my two primary goals when designing our infrared sauna wrap experience because without both you are unlikely to spend time doing it and getting all the benefits! Our sessions are designed to fit your exact needs so no two people’s sessions are alike.

For me, it was love at first sight with infrared sauna wraps. I find the whole experience to be incredibly relaxing and when I was finish each session my body feels lighter and fresher, my mood is better and I feel a cool mixture of relaxed yet invigorated. On average, I wrap 3-5 days a week although I’ll admit as the weather gets colder that number edges much closer toward 7! The changes I’ve seen in my body and my skin are remarkable and wrapping has become a staple in my wellness routine.