I Am OBSESSED with Sauna Wraps: Here's why

I stumbled upon sauna wraps quite by accident. A few winters ago I was looking for a really deep sweat, one which I found to be hard to accomplish regularly and consistently through working out alone. You see, I get cold. A lot. And not just a chill...I get so cold sometimes it feels like I might never get warm again. (Not to be dramatic at all! 😂) The only times I truly felt warm in the winter (pre-wrapping) was either in a boiling hot shower or when I was in the car with the heat turned up on high and the seat warmers on. That's when I started learning about infrared light and experimenting with different modalities. From the second I found my wrap it was true love.

Obviously, my favorite part is being warmed to the core by its gentle radiating heat. The cool thing about infrared light is that it penetrates through your skin to get deep inside. (It's almost like a turbo charged heating pad. FOR YOUR WHOLE BODY!) This means even after my session, I feel warm for a while after (usually 1-2 hours) so I don't have run from the wrap to the shower as fast as I can before I freeze again. I can leisurely make my way to a shower or just change clothes and move on with my day since the sweating stops as soon as I leave the wrap.

The next best part is the pure relaxation. I'm not 100% sure why, but the second I slip my legs in the wrap I feel instantly relaxed and just want to close my eyes for a bit. I tend to hold my stress in my back and I can feel this start to melt away in the first few minutes. It feels incredible on my sore legs and arms as the light penetrates deep to my muscles and joints. Sometimes I'll nap or listen to a podcast while I wrap, but most times I'll throw on an old TV show or movie - something that doesn't require too much attention to follow along.

Finally, I love all of the sweat! I'm not one of those girls who "glistens" - I love to sweat! My whole body feels lighter and cleaner after a good sweat and wrapping gives me one EVERY SINGLE TIME. From head to toe. Literally. I am dripping when I come out and I LOVE IT!

Sauna wraps have become an integral part of my personal wellness program. I typically wrap 3-4 times per week but that increases closer to 7 days/week as the days get colder. I used to prefer wrapping in the late afternoons - a few hours after my morning work out but before showering and getting ready for dinner. Lately, however, I've moved to a morning routine when I can as I find I have much more energy after I wrap. Honestly though I'm thrilled to get it in any time I can!