Door #2

I think there is a point in your career where you come to a crossroad (& you KNOW the moment you’re there) and either you can keep doing what you’re doing, go down the sane path and you’ll have a certain life or you can make a change and take a chance on a new life.

Six years ago this month I chose to take a chance. I took door #2.

PS: this photo is another gem I found cleaning out my phone. It’s of one of the doors at a riad I stayed at in Marrakech. This trip was also a fantastic memory: I had quit my job at 7am and hopped a flight to Morocco at 2pm for a 2 week trip before I started my next job. (This was 2010 - a few yrs before I’d call it quits for good but when I resigned it was always with flair 🤗 )