Do You Get Synchronicities?

I don’t know if I never used to have them very much or if I just wasn’t paying attention, but in the last few years (of course when I started taking meditation seriously) it seems I have them ALL THE TIME.

When they first started, I kind of thought I was losing my mind so I wrote them down as a way to maybe make some sense of them.

I am so happy I did because now when I have doubt, I go back and read what I wrote and I have a record of so many of the crazy things that have happened.

...but they’re really not so crazy, right?

As I started to talk to friends about what was happening, I realized not only did they not think I was crazy, they were having similar experiences.

Why don’t people talk more openly about this stuff?? I am blown away by my experiences and love hearing about other peoples’.

Do these things happen to you? I’d love to hear more...