Learn How to Meditate

  • A guide to starting your meditation practice

    30 min

    99 US dollars
  • Learn how to start your manifestation practice

    45 min

    150 US dollars
  • Learn all the tools for the ultimate practice!

    1 hr

    199 US dollars

You don't need to be a Tibetan monk (or any monk for that matter!) to meditate and meditate well. All you need is some basic info to get you started and then you'll feel confident making your practice your own. I have spent my entire career taking complicated concepts and making them easy and accessible to all. You won't ever have to wonder if you're doing it right - you will know that you are. 

If you have never meditated before or need a refresher, HEAVILY MEDITATED is for you! In this 30 minute zoom class you will learn the basics of meditation including how to use your beads, how to select a mantra and the reasons why we are doing certain things in our practice. You'll walk away will two different ways to practice and neither is over 20 minutes! 

Once you have your meditation practice down, take MANIFEST THIS to start incorporating manifestation into your practice! In this 45 minute zoom class you will learn the three keys to manifesting successfully and how to use them most effectively - my practice is just 15 minutes! You'll walk away with all the simple tools you need to start your own practice as well as an understanding of the science behind this process. 

Want to jump right in?? Book SPIRITUAL JUNKIE and in this 60 minute zoom class we will go through how to start both your meditation and manifestation practices at once! In this effective format, you will learn all the fundamentals detailed in HEAVILY MEDITATED and MANIFEST THIS so that you have all the tools you need to hit the ground running!

These classes are meant to be quick, easy, fun, laid-back and are designed to help demystify the whole meditation/manifestation process. Meditation and manifestation have made me more patient, insightful, creative and open to opportunity in a way that nothing else has and I can't wait to share my practices with you!