I believe wellness is a way of life.


It is not something you do once-in-a-while, but rather it is a way of being. It is how you think and what you do. It is the people and ideas with which you surround yourself. It is what you read, how you speak and what you eat. Most importantly, it is treating your body and your mind with the utmost care.

Light therapies are natural, non-toxic and non-evasive ways to enhance your body's own healing abilities. Rather than pop another pill or lather on another chemical lotion, I choose to first turn to the power of light for pain, acne, signs of aging and most importantly relaxation. 

Wellness is not one size fits all. At Studio 22 you will find all of the things that make me happy and keep me well. Take the pieces that fit your life, your needs, your goals and enjoy the journey with me...